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We, Ministry of Art, are a reputed and reliable online art magazine assisting aspiring artists to get recognized as well as establish themselves in this extensive world. We offer our quality services in the forms of online art exhibitions as well as a dependable means to inform the world about your business or events. You can either utilize our art showcase for exhibiting your artwork, or can place an advertisement inviting your potential clients if you intend to arrange an exhibition on your own. We will love to be helpful in expanding your artistic skills.


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We are an exceptional online art magazine containing with a plethora of high quality works of art produced by renowned artists that will surely be sufficient to cater to your intellectual cravings. If you are looking to find some quality art online, we are the ultimate place to completely rely upon. Whatever genre you are interested in, may it be poetry, short story, drama, or marvelous painting works by famous artists, we have everything in our website for your ultimate satisfaction. You can get inspired to produce similar quality work by our published authors and painters, along with getting new concepts and ideas for practicing art on your own. So, enrich your creative imagination and commence your journey to becoming a beloved artist yourself simply by visiting or participating in our online art gallery exhibitions.

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We are here not only to provide you with new ideas, we will also work as your online publisher if you send us quality art work worthy of the space. Let your creativity and hard work be recognized by the world, let your dreams of becoming an artist come true in no time. We are here to assist you in every single possible way. So, stop idling your precious time doing absolutely nothing and sharpen up your creativity for a brighter and enviable future, while you carry on to inspire the world.

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