Ministry of Art

Drew Sinclair

Drew is a softly spoken man whose heart often buzzes with the excitement of pollen-covered bees, and whose mind occasionally receives thoughts as resplendent as the symmetry in butterfly wings. He inhales and exhales and knows all else will follow, it is this way of being that has allowed Drew in his many journeys around the Sun to become experienced in a range of different art forms. Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Illustration, Creative writing, Film, Animation, Daydreaming, Graphic design, Capoeira, Yoga, Kazimba, Percussion, Set design and Origami.

Greg Francis

Growing up in South East London helped to shape Greg's Initial vision of the world. Developing a passion for cinema from a young age. Eventually stepping into the director's chair himself. Shooting an array of content such as music videos, documentaries and short films. Exploring and creating new worlds. Capturing people at their purist and encapsulating their energy and emotions within the frame of of his camera's lens.

Karla Cornwall

Karla Cornwall London specializes in original collaborative platforms of bespoke artistry. Pushing the boundaries of individualism and creative freedom which empowers clients who resonate with the brand.

Inspired by the artist’s fashion background and love of textures, this has influenced a wonderful manifestation of haberdashery heaven.

The distinctive technique which has been mastered over the years, runs continuously through the brand, challenging the craft with exciting new projects and commissions.

History has seen the days of ancient tapestry work and hand embroidery, a beautiful time taking process. Fast forward to 2019, the brand has mastered 4 intricate techniques:

Hand Embroidery “unsymmetrical madness.”
Thread blending “delicate dimensions.”
Wool bonding “creative confusion.”
Thread suturing “spiralling spontaneity.”

Evolution is always at work; this will be seen in the future as the brand introduces embellishments and other textile materials to their ventures.


Jelly is a London based artist known for painting feminine figures with dynamic supersized eyelashes. Her background in politics, history and sociology, along with multiple autoimmune conditions, is reflected in her artwork through narratives of ableism, political and social issues saturated with colour and satire. Her energetic pieces support critical thought over apathy, and promote love and self worth.

Using various media from acrylic, digital, gold leaf and spray paint, Jelly paints on canvas as well as creating street art murals around London and beyond. Jelly also thrives at live immersive and collaborative art events including: Art House Project exhibitions for Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, the annual Battle Cancer Graffiti Jam and Vafrica London to Sierra Leone exhibition.